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Welcome! Enjoy 15% off on your first order: WELCOME15
Silver Sale! Enjoy 40% off on the silver collection: SILVERSALE40

My Journal

Not only zaza&lili awakens a large curiosity to discover new places but also takes a significant interest in getting to know new people. We have a lot of fun when making the photo-shootings and when travelling around the world. zaza&lili has a passion for adventures and this is what we love to share with you !

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  • With a spirit of open-mindedness and passion for adventures, it is important for zaza&lili to be present in multiple places and what a better place than on airlines.
  • The pure lines of the zaza&lili jewel and it’s timeless design makes it a unique piece that suits every woman all over the world regardless of age, culture and style.
  • To bring joy, share love and generosity what a more adapted place than during a journey or what a more convenient moment than when gathering after a moment apart.
  • The zaza&lili jewel is a perfect gift for the beloved or simply the caprice you cannot resist.

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See you on board

zaza&lili loves to get friends all over the world. Thanks to people that like our spirit and style, and on the top of that want to talk about us and introduce us to their friends, we have some nice articles to share with you. See them by clicking below on “Great News”.

Great News