With a creative and curious spirit, Madeleine Jarl’s rich journey started at the youngest age. At 19, Madeleine left her peaceful youthhood in Sweden for France. At home, she had become a champion in springboard diving. Her thirst for movement and adventure led her to Paris where she began her career as a model. Thrilled by this romantic city, she discovered a new buzzling world while she worked for brands such as Aubade, Christian Dior, Jeanne Piaubert, Lancôme…

Madeleine did many stops across the world as a model. All these journeys were embossed by the beauty of diversity: cultures, languages, materials, colours, perfumes… every little detail was a source of inspiration for her future.

Milan, Barcelona, Cook Island, Fiji, St Martin, South Pacific on a sailing boat with Florence Arthaud … and Japan that had a very special resonance in her. Discovering the essence of aestheticism and the beauty of silence and pureness, was for her like a ‘Deja Vue’.

Her aspiration became clear, she wanted to share, give her own little creation to this world – something pure and minimalistic that would fit every woman she had ever encountered.

The last big momentum that made the style of her jewellery line very clear: the coming into this world of her two daughters. Twins with multicultural roots who embody the harmony of life, individualism, synchronization and diversity. zaza&lili is named after them and their inner beauty and generous spirit make them the obvious ambassadors for the brand.


It is Madeleine’s life course that inspired the first collection, which in the end became many others … the episodes of her life marked her desire to bring harmony and peace and unite all the women while marking their individuality, difference and personality. The beauty of minimalism that she learnt in Japan, is that it fits every woman. It is a mindset.
Discrete affordable luxury of high quality with a feminine and elegant design, our creation draws its inspiration from the peaceful nature of Sweden and the vibrant energy of France.
Our aim is to find the perfect jewel combining grace and timelessness and showcasing that extra little twinkle, to share graceful feelings with women all over the world.

Madeleine’s daughters – twins with multicultural roots – embody the harmony of life. Their inner beauty and generous spirit make them the obvious ambassadors for the brand.


Source for the logotypes: Wikipedia

on board

With its open-mindedness and passion for adventures, it is important for Zaza&Lili to be present in multiple places: our jewels are thus flying all around the world onboard dozens of airlines! The Zaza&Lili jewel’s timeless design makes it a unique piece that suits every woman all over the world regardless of age, culture and style. It is the perfect gift for your beloved or simply the caprice that you cannot resist.