AFTER SOME 20 YEARS as an agent for various brands and accessories I felt it was time to start my own brand. To put my personal touch to the designs but also doing business more ‘my way’ got suddenly important. In my youth I created all kinds of things; sewing cloths, knitting, woodwork, painting and photography. By creating my own jewellery brand I can now conciliate the creativity with the more structured business life as entrepreneur.

MY DESIGNS are not just work but a passion and a way to express myself. It is extremely inspiring to find the most creative way of doing business coupled with the creation in terms of design of the jewels.

MY FORMER CAREER as a model (1985-95) taught me that you have to fight to get what you want. Nothing is for free! I was also a springboard diver and this discipline gave me the conviction that you have to go on even if it hurts and even if you feel scared. Both the modelling and diving was a kind of search for perfection and the line in my jewels vehicles this too. At an early age I travelled a lot thanks to the diving competitions and camps. Later on the modelling gave me independency and excitement for new experiences. I get inspiration for both my jewelleries and my business when discovering new places and meeting with new people all around the world.

AT THE YOUNG AGE of 19 I left my native Swedish small hometown for my life’s big adventure, Paris, and this has been my platform ever since.

THE PURE LINES in my jewels are like the Swedish nature with its calmness and peace. The little « extra touch » in the designs bears resemblance to the French spontaneous charm inspired by Paris bustling city. Today both cultures are very present in my life and my brand is a mix of both.

NAMED AFTER MY TWIN DAUGHTERS Kenza and Ellin, the brand came to birth late 2015. After several months of reflection the name suddenly just appeared out of the blue. What is there more than a natural source of inspiration than the most precious and pure creations in my life, my daughters. Always present and enthusiastic, sparkling with their smiles and glittering eyes, willing to discover and share their new-born visions with convictions as of an old soul, their inner beauty and generous spirit make them the obvious ambassadors for the brand.


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