zaza&lili on board Air Austral, june 2018.

zaza&lili on XL Airways France May 2018

zaza&lili on Luxair May 2018

zaza&lili on Iberia May 2018

zaza&lili on Alitalia May 2018

zaza&lili on Australian Airlines May 2018

zaza&lili on Air France May 2018

zaza&lili on board Air Caraïbes spring 2017.

AIR CARAIBES New assortment with Air Caraïbes and this elegant full page dedicated exclusively to zaza&lili. Summer 2017.

AIGLE AZUR Nice full page with this loyal airline! Winter 2017.

zaza&lili is proud to be on board Transavia France for the first time.TRANSAVIA zaza&lili is proud to be on board Transavia France for the first time. Winter/spring 2016/17.

zaza&lili on board Blue Panorama spring 2017.BLUE PANORAMA Blue Panorama offers a nice and trendy catalogue. Thank you! Spring 2017.

zaza&lili on board Air Burkina spring 2017AIR BURKINA Flying south, zaza&lili is in Africa. So nice to visit this continent!

AIR CARAÏBES Elegant and sober selection with Air Caraïbes! Winter 2016/17.

zaza&lili on board XL AirwaysXL AIRWAYS Thanks for this nice special promo full page! Winter 2016/17

zaza&lili on board Luxair spring 2017.LUXAIR A wonderful double page dedicated to zaza&lili. Spring 2017.

zaza&lili on board Czech Airlines spring 2017. CZECK AIRLINES Still going strong with CSA. December 2016–May 2017.

zaza&lili on board Al Italia spring 2017.

AL ITALIA So elegant! November 2016–March 2017.

zaza&lili on board Tailwind april 2017.

TAILWIND zaza&lili presents new jewellery sets on board Tailwind. Spring/summer 2017.

zaza&lili on board Small Planet spring 2017.SMALLPLANET Yes! zaza&lili is in the Netherlands thanks to Small Planet! Spring/Summer 2017.

zaza&lili on board Freebird Belgium spring 2017.FREEBIRD New assortment with Freebird Belgium. Nice! Spring/Summer 2017.

zaza&lili on board Thomas Cook Belgium spring 2017. THOMAS COOK BELGIUM Enjoy a delicate summer destination with Thomas Cook Belgium. Summer 2017.

zaza&lili on board Primera Iceland spring 2017.

PRIMERA ICELAND So classy this nice magazine. Original and strong. Spring/Summer 2017.

zaza&lili on board Icelandair spring 2017.

ICELANDAIR zaza&lili meets the spring in Iceland! Spring 2017.

zaza&lili on board Air Austral winter 2016/2017.

AIR AUSTRAL Loyal to our brand Air Austral offers zaza&lili a very nice page dedicated only to our jewelleries. Winter 2016/17.


LUXAIR One full page visual and two new items from our new collection, that’s what you will discover when flying with Luxair. The highly appreciated set B-Subtle trio with 3 bracelets is a best seller and always present on board as well!


XL AIRWAYS Prolonged success with XL Airways, who has given us a great space with ½ page for our nice visual and a special deal when purchasing 2 zaza&lili items.


THOMAS COOK BELGIUM A double page just for zaz&lili! So pretty and all models can be mixed and worn together!


THOMAS COOK The new assortment in Thomas Cook winter collection can be found in the catalogues for UK, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

New styles from zaza&lili on board Alitalia! October–March 2016.

ALTIALIA New styles on board Alitalia! October–March 2016.

So happy to be on board this nice airline for the first time! zaza&lili october 2016–March 2017.

ICELANDAIR So happy to be on board this nice airline for the first time! October 2016–March 2017.

escalesAIR AUSTRAL zaza&lili’s very first trip abroad with Air Austral. December 2015–May 2016.


LUXAIR Our first full page ad on board an airline with Luxair. June–November 2016.


AIR AUSTRAL The adventure to Reunion Island continues with Air Austral. June–December 2016.


THOMAS COOK DENMARK If you travel charter this year, than you must check out the pre-order assortment with Thomas Cook in Denmark. May 2016–May 2017.


ATLAS ATLANTIQUE We wish good luck to this young partner flying between France and Algeria. Atlas Atlantique June-December 2016.


CSA CZECH AIRLINES Going east with CSA! May–Octobre 2016.


BLUE PANORAMA Exotic vibes with Blue Panorama. June–November 2016.


ALITALIA Always with class — Alitalia! April–September 2016


TAILWIND Minimalistic choice with Tailwind in Belgium. Summer 2016.


FREEBIRD Free like a bird, zaz&lili takes the plane to Belgium with Freebird. Summer 2016.


THOMAS COOK BELGIUM Summer shopping on board Thomas Cook in Belgium. Summer 2016.


AIR CARAÏBES Sunny destination, zaza&lili goes to the Caribbean Islands! Air Caraïbes Spring/Summer 2016.


XL AIRWAYS Proud to cross the Atlantic Sea with XL Airways! July-November 2016.


PRIMERA ICELAND Icy destination, zaza&lili flies north to Iceland. June-December 2016.